This site is under ongoing development. I apologize if there are any mistakes.

I will be updating the functionality of the site mostly on weekends.

Q. What kind of site is this?

The FA2 token Minter, which records on-chain images, and a marketplace.

Q. Does the token metadata have any meaning?

For example, I think it would be useful to have token metadata with the same structure as Hicetnunc, so that it can be handled by other marketplaces.

Q. Where is BURN function?

8bidou tokens cannot burn. This is to make sure that no one can erase the record as long as the Tezos is there. If there is a request, it can be included in a new contract tokens.

The Marketplace fee is 5.0% for sales.

The value of royalty is 10.0..%

8x8 pixels contract

Marketplace contract

Built with TzKT API